Industries Served

Milestone Chemicals Australia is an established provider of Chemical Hygiene Solutions to a broad range of industries through-out Australia.

Since 1948, Milestone Chemicals Australia has continually developed our product range, establishing an extensive range of chemical products that meet with today's business requirements.

And can proudly ensure provision of quality products and cleaning systems to meet with all client needs and expectations.

A range of locally manufactured chemical products are utilised within;

  • Food Manufacturing - Milestone Chemicals Australia can provide expertise and hygiene solutions to enhance food safety and product quality. Our efficient, effective and practical approach ensures a sustainable and effective result in relation to plant, personnel and product hygiene.

    Customers serviced within;

    • Food Processing
    • Beverage Processing
    • Cheese Manufacturing
    • Dairy Farms and Processing
    • Fresh Produce
    • Meat and Fish Processing
  • Food Service - Be it within Hospitality, Fine Dining, Health & Aged Care, Casual/Fast Food or any other food preparation facility, Milestone Chemicals Australia can offer a solution to ensure an effective and hygienic operation.

    An extensive range of industry specific and approved products ensures Milestone Chemicals Australia can develop a site defined program to ensure a clean and safe environment.

    As ware-washing is quite possibly the single most important area in relation to customer satisfaction and subsequently repeat business; Milestone Chemicals Australia have developed a range of products that will ensure the expectations of your customers will be far exceeded.

  • Health & Aged Care - Specialising in the provision of chemical hygiene solutions for the environmental services, food service and textile care; Milestone Chemicals Australia can offer a practical and efficient solution to achieve and exceed industry expectations and accreditations.


    • Acute Health Care
    • Long Term Care
    • Disability Services
    • Aged Care
    • Emergency Medical
    • Dental
    • Veterinary
  • Accommodation - Milestone Chemicals Australia have extensive experience in providing chemical hygiene solutions to a broad range of Accommodation and Lodging facilities through-out Australia.

    Our practical approach to meeting the needs of businesses provides us with the opportunity to tailor-make a cleaning program to suit the needs, no matter the size or nature of your business.

    • Holiday & Caravan Parks
    • Guest Rooms
    • Backpackers
    • Apartment Complexes
  • Institutional / Government / Education - The scope and reach of Milestone Chemicals Australia provides a basis for the structure in which institutional facilities can be serviced by Milestone, with extended coverage across the majority of the Australian population our ability to service multiple sites within an organisation is exceptional. Our professional approach to chemical hygiene ensures cleaning standards are maintained, while ensuring effective resource management.

    Industry Experience with;

    • National Parks
    • Council Operations
    • Child Care, Schools & Universities
    • Correctional Facilities

    YOUR PA Member and Authorised Supplier.

  • Commercial - Offices, factories, warehouses and shopping centres, among other locations require constant and consistent cleaning to ensure hygiene standards are maintained at levels consistent with facility maintenance practices and high public perception expectations. Milestone Chemicals Australia offers a complete range of janitorial chemicals, cleaning accessories and dispensing systems to ensure a hygienic and efficient solution.

  • Textile - Whether the operation is based in a Resort, Hotel, Motel, Aged Care Facility or Hospital; Milestone Chemicals Australia have the product range and expertise to ensure excellent wash results, while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our effective and economical program provides guidance and direction through education, ensuring employee's gain an understanding of their role and the importance of each 'step' along the way. The need for quality, reliable and sustainable results extends further than a product range alone. Within excess of 100 years of invaluable experience working within Commercial and On-Premise Laundries, Milestone Chemicals Australia have everything you need to ensure satisfaction.