Services & Systems

  • Site Surveys - Milestone Chemicals Australia conduct site surveys for potential customers; reviewing current chemical use, cleaning procedures and general regulatory compliance. As the initial process for any potential new client, the 'MCA Pathway - Site Survey' will offer business managers an unprecedented understanding of how Milestone Chemicals Australia will provide a chemical hygiene solution specifically designed for your facility. With direction, guidance and your involvement; Milestone Chemicals Australia will tailor-make a chemical hygiene solution the best meets your business needs.

  • User Education & Training - Chemical Handling, Safe Storage and appropriate Use of Products are key to ensuring WHS compliance. Milestone Chemicals Australia takes our role in this extremely seriously. Our aim and commitment is to ensure that all employees are educated in a manner that provides guidance, direction and understanding. Our multi-module approach to staff in-service training can ensure a greater understanding of the employee's importance within the workplace. Fully supported by site specific documentation and post training evaluation, Milestone Chemicals Australia 'Training Support' will assist with compliance and achievement of your regulatory requirements.

    Practical product use is of upmost importance to ensure appropriate outcomes are achieved and resource management is maintained at effective and efficient levels. Milestone Chemicals Australia sales and marketing employees are fully trained in the use and application of our chemical range. There isn't much we have not seen over the years, so call on our experience...

  • Dispensers & Installations - Milestone Chemicals Australia can provide a range of chemical dilution and dispensing equipment to ensure product usage is maintained at sustainable levels through-out use. Ranging from full On-Premise Laundry Systems and Ware-washing Dispensers too personal care (hand washing) and paper product dispensing; Milestone Chemicals Australia have a solution to meet all requirements.

  • "CLS" Closed Loop System - developed to reduce the possibility of chemical splash while changing chemical tubes attached to ware-washing dispensers, the Milestone Chemicals Australia "CLS" achieves exactly that, while enhancing your WHS plan by reducing WHS risk.

    Milestone Chemicals Australia "CLS" valves and components were developed in Australia. Manufactured locally to ensure quality, compliance and continual-improvement can be managed.

    Closed Loop System (CLS) Closed Loop System (CLS)