Heavy Duty Cleaners

Kleenbreak (F&M)
Sample Product Bottle
Size: 5Ltr \ 15Ltr \ 200Ltr
High solid, solvent boosted alkaline cleaner for use on floors, walls, exhaust fans, vents, ceilings, benches, and most other hard surfaces. Designed for the efficent cleaning and removal of grease, fats and oil.
Sample Product Bottle
Size: 5Ltr \ 15Ltr
A powerful liquid alkaline heavy duty cleaner for use in cleaning ovens, grills, canopies, stoves and floors where grease and fat are hard to remove.
Sample Product Bottle
Size: 750ml \ 5Ltr \ 15Ltr
A heavy duty NON-CAUTIC alkaline cleaner designed for the manual cleaning of ovens, grills, hot plates, steam ovens and other cooking equipment. Easily removes grease, grime, oil and debris from all surfaces.