Specialty Disinfectants

Sample Product Bottle
Size: 5Ltr \ 15Ltr
Broad spectrum phenolic disinfectant, cleaner. For use in consulting rooms, dental clinics, veterinary surgeries, stables and barber shops for the disnfection of utelsils and equipment.
Multi-San Sachets
Sample Product Bottle
Size: 40gram x 100 \ Carton
Multi-purpose sanitising powder for use through-out facilities where bacteria control is imperative. Additionally, can be used to sanitise raw fruit & vegetables to meet with food preparation regulations.
Pan Disinfectant
Sample Product Bottle
Size: 5Ltr \ 15Ltr \ 200Ltr
A blend of powerful biocide and virucide agents, combined with a pleaseant floral fragrance that neutralises offensive odours associated with portable toilets.